Twitter New Leaf Follow-Up

Last month I posted that I was going to expand my Twitter horizons beyond gov2.0 with new topics and new followers and new friends to follow.  I was very curious to see what (if any) impact this would have on my follower base. When I did the post, I was at 387 followers. Today, a little over a month later, my account stands at 420 followers.  Interesting! Although I get the regular ebb and flow of followers, I don’t think I’ve ever had this many before.  And I make sure to prune all the bots, so these are legit peeps.

What does it mean?  I dunno! Maybe people are widely more accepting of broad topics once they develop confidence in a person they follow?  Maybe there is so much in people’s twitstreams that they don’t even see some of the posts of mine they would consider off topic or off interest to them?  Or maybe they don’t even care?  What do you think?