Avoiding the Teal Deer

tldrThis week I had the opportunity to present at the Citizen Engagement Seminar, sponsored by Carahsoft. As always, I got to interact with old friends and made some great new contacts in the audience and on the panel. But my favorite tidbit from the whole session came from my co-presenter Lindsay Oxford, Social Media Coordinator for California State Parks. Lindsay presentation focused on how to alter traditional engagement strategies when using social media. We’ve probably all heard the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid. Lindsay introduced me to the millenial version – TL;DR – Too Long, Didn’t Read. Sound the letters aloud and you get…Teal Deer!

Much like meeting a real deer on the highway, the teal deer can ruin any social media push. The cool kids will shun the parties where you don’t fit the vibe. Don’t try to shove  sanitized and bureacratized messages into the social media formula.  Your message objective doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change but your delivery style should. Keep it fun, keep it engaging and conversational and for Bambi’s sake, keep it short!

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