Internet Explorer Loses Browser Share…and Safari Stinks, Right?

Kickin' it old skool

Big browser news today in a post on Mashable – Internet Explorer, the long-standing behemoth of browsers can no longer claim their long and tightly held 50% of browser share:

“Safari’s hold on 62.17% of mobile traffic has reduced IE’s overall share of web browsing, despite still claiming 52.63% of desktop traffic, according to

The Microsoft browser’s diminishing share (49.6%) reflects its near absence from the realms of mobile and tablet, which now make up 6% of web traffic. However, chances are, you gave up on IE long enough ago that this milestone makes you more curious as to who actually still uses the browser.”

Good point.  I gave up IE many, many moons ago. Back in the olden times, I was all about Netscape. Please understand I was a die-hard Machead so anything I could do to escape the clutches of the evil MS empire I would take. I have since mellowed a bit and now realize that there is a time and place for MS…not so sure about IE though. I went straight from Netscape to Firefox on my old home Mac cause they stopped upgrading IE anyway and I was quite smitten with FireFox.  FireFox still holds the number two spot of browser share, at 21.20%.

Nowadays, I am all about Chrome on my PCs and Macs. My mobile devices are all Safari. I was happy to see that Chrome’s 16.60% of the pie continues to grow. Safari on the desktop lags behind at 8.72% because…well, it kinda stinks, doesn’t it?  (Did I just hear the sounds of a thousand simultaneous Machead machinations begin to formulate my painful demise?)

But the bigger question is why does IE still hold the largest market share?  Why do we still use it?  It’s still the Windows default and I suppose it does its job for the casual surfer. Ah well…hamburgers and steaks…chocolate and vanilla…the world is full of choices.  Choose wisely friends! If you are an IE fan OR a Safari on-the-desktop fan, please tell me why…what am I missing?

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2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Loses Browser Share…and Safari Stinks, Right?

  1. I use IE on my Windoze laptop because two web-based work databases require it. I use Safari on my home iMac because…well, is inertia a reason?

    What do you think are the advantages of Chrome over Safari?

    (Oh, and on my Droid I use Dolphin, for what that’s worth…)

    • Hey PJ – thanks for the comment! You mentioned a great reason to use IE. As a matter of fact, I have to use IE for Sharepoint stuff myself. It’ll load in Chrome but formatting is completely borked. I like Chrome because it is fast. It loads fast and it eliminates a lot of extra steps:
      1) Your bookmarks sync automatically across multiple devices using your google account
      2) The address window is also a google search box so everything is in one spot
      3) Adding bookmarks are one touch (in that same box) and done
      4) The Most Visited thumbnails on the default homepage make it one one click quick jumping to my most common resources

      It has very creative skinability as well. Individually, these are not huge and some of these might even be available in the latest versions of IE. But combined, they make for a better browsing experience, at least for me.

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