Lessons Learned Info Sharing: Social Media During Disaster Response

Here’s a timely follow-up to the post I did last week on FEMA’s aggressive adoption of social media in emergency management. The Lessons Learned Information Sharing Research Team (LLIS.gov) is looking for examples that illustrate the use of social media in a disaster response. Here’s the content of an email blast that went out today. Note especially the link to the Harris County, TX case study(requires a login):

Call for Documents

FEMA is collecting documents related to using social media during disaster response. As the use of social media increases throughout the county, many jurisdictions are incorporating Internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook into their public communications plans. Recently, the LLIS.gov team worked with Harris County, Texas, to develop an exclusive Practice Note, Emergency Public Information: The Harris County, Texas, Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Implementation of a Social Media Protocol

Does your jurisdiction have a similar story? Please email stories or documents to the LLIS.gov Research Team at research@llis.dhs.gov. Alternatively, you can always upload documents through the SUBMIT TO LLIS.GOV tab on the LLIS.gov homepage.

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