Poetry Vs. Prose (Two Formats Enter, One Format Leaves?)

I am gonna try an experiment. I’ve had this idea running around in my head for a couple of weeks about what I thought would evolve into a short story. But then I heard a song on the radio, which led me to form a single opening line of the story. It sounded more like a line of poetry than a line of prose. In fact, it was so good, IMHO, that I had to google it to make sure I hadn’t heard it somewhere else before. Once I learned that it was my very own unique nugget of sweetness, I did a brain dump onto the computer before I lost the freshness of it.

Last week I jotted down about 20 stanzas of this poem. This in and of itself is weird cause I haven’t written any poetry for public viewing since my songwriting days over a decade ago. But as I was writing these rhyming couplets, my mind raced ahead to details of it in story form. And I knew that while these details were good, they wouldn’t work in the lyrical flow I was concocting. Hmmm…what to do…what to do…

And then like a poorly-tossed fish at Pike’s Place Fish Market, it hit me. I’ll do both! Both versions have  my creative juices greasing up my keyboard, so I am gonna try to spit them both out and see what happens. I am enjoying the driving flow of the poem and the first-person point of view I’ve chosen for the prose version. I hope to finish both of them and post them both here and let you decide which is better. Maybe I’ll even do a cage-match type contest ala Thunderdome and see which one will rise to the top.

For you writers out there, has this ever happened to you? Ever have two competing formats that divided your focus or your creativity. Was it exciting or frustrating or both? What was the eventual outcome for you? Any advice for my current dilemma or should I consider it a boon? (Two points to me for using “boon” in a blog post that isn’t about pirates or Shakespeare).

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2 thoughts on “Poetry Vs. Prose (Two Formats Enter, One Format Leaves?)

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