Confirmed: Facebook Is Now Lame (Visual Proof)

I have suspected for some time now that Facebook was rapidly becoming so commonplace and mundane that it could no longer be considered “cool” by any worthy barometer.

Back in July of this year, it was widely reported that Facebook had passed the 500 million user mark. You can “like” just about everything you see on the internet today. As a friend of mine so eloquently said today “What was once the cool new thing, made for and about college students living on the edge of relationship management, has now officially jumped the shark.” Although I knew it was inevitable, I did not know exactly what form its demise would take.

What would be the proverbial nail in its coffin? Would there be a pivotal instant where it would die in a fiery explosion or would it slowly waste away bit by bit? Well friends, I got my answer yesterday morning. Below I give you Exhibit A in the trial of Who Killed Facebook’s Coolness

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5 thoughts on “Confirmed: Facebook Is Now Lame (Visual Proof)

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    • I saw that over the weekend as well. My out loud response was who would friend Wal-Mart on FB? Then I realized some people really would! BTW, Facebook has not been cool in quite a while. I took forever to join and since then been tempted many times just to delete the account. What would I really miss?

  2. Of course the blood is for Halloween. I believe you :)

    Well, I’m still at the train station…I never got on the Facebook bandwagon, but now I feel like I really didn’t miss anything. In fact, this means I may be a leader in the next trend: Facebook abandonment.

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